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Erin O'Day

Erin O'Day

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Each person is the creator of their own birth process. This belief is the foundation of my practice as a midwife. There is no wrong way to have a baby, just a difference in the approach and options we have available. I am here to offer an approach that allows an individual to make their own informed decisions in the care process that takes place during this special time. By taking responsibility for our own health decisions, we have the opportunity to learn more about our basic needs and functions as human beings and can therefore make choices that correspond with our own best interests.

My path to midwifery began in 2006, when I attended a midwifery program in the state of Oregon. I returned to Wisconsin to apprentice as a student midwife, and during this time learned the art of midwifery from a variety of teachers. During my apprenticeship I was fortunate to travel to Uganda where I had the privilege to work with traditional birth attendants and expand my skill set. I became nationally certified and licensed in the state of Wisconsin as a midwife in September of 2015.

I am committed in my practice to providing high quality midwifery care, and maintaining accessibility to all persons seeking it. This includes continuing my education on social justice, accessibility, and cultural competency. My work in these areas will never cease, as I recognize the disparities in maternal and infant health care in the United States and pledge to include closing those gaps in my practice as a midwife.