Well-Rounded Childbirth Classes
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Well-Rounded Childbirth Classes

Whether you are looking for a natural drug-free birth, or want to explore your options regarding pain medication during labor, we are committed to ensuring that parents are well prepared for labor, delivery, and the postpartum period. Instead of teaching a birthing ‘method,’ we give you and your partner the information and skills to best accomplish the kind of birth experience you desire.

The class series is taught by Dr. Coral Slavin: health and family life educator, and former owner/director of Well-Rounded Maternity Center. Coral was a doula for 20+ years and attended over 550 births in the Milwaukee area, at both in and out of hospital deliveries. She has been teaching these classes since 1996, both in person and now remotely through Zoom.

The Comprehensive 8-week Class Series covers a variety of topics including:
  • Sound nutrition and physical exercise to enhance low-risk pregnancies and labors
  • Physical and emotional aspects during the various stages of labor
  • Pain management without drugs
  • Birth interventions, alternatives & plans
  • Relaxation, breathing & comfort techniques
  • Avoiding or dealing with labor complications
  • Postpartum and baby care
  • Coping if things don’t go the way you anticipated

Following the births of all the babies, each class gets together for a reunion to meet the babies and share birth stories.

The classes are held 6:30-9:00 p.m., remote via Zoom.

Upcoming 8-week Comprehensive Sessions:
The Condensed 4-week Class Series:
  • Covers the same topics in an abbreviated fashion
  • For couples who are not able to attend the more extensive series

Please Note: There is no reunion following this series.

The classes are held 6:30-9:00 p.m., remote via Zoom.

Upcoming 4-week Condensed Sessions:
Refresher Childbirth Class

For couples who had taken Childbirth Classes for their first pregnancy, this 3-hour class is an ideal way to review the stages of labor, comfort and relaxation techniques. With a first pregnancy, most couples have the flexibility to spend ample time in preparing for the birth. Once there is a toddler in the picture, however, busy couples may find that the refresher class is the first chance that they have had to focus on this pregnancy and birth!

Refresher Childbirth Classes are scheduled upon request.

For information or to register for upcoming classes, contact Coral at Coral@well-roundedmaternity.com or call 262-262-8945 or signup online, click the appropriate links above.