Heart-Based Parenting Coaching Program
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Heart-Based Parenting Coaching Program

A heart-based approach to parenting is different than simple behavior modification, which basically says, “If you do what I say, I'll give you what you want.” The problem with that approach is that it promotes a selfish “What's in it for me?” attitude. Children become externally motivated and behavior change is temporary. A heart-based approach takes advantage of the internal motivation inside a child for lasting results. It helps children learn how to develop convictions, process offenses, and value others.

Heart-Based Parenting was developed by Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN. It is a Christian based program offered through the National Center for Biblical Parenting. You do not have to be Christian, however, to benefit from this highly effective parenting approach. The program has been well-researched and evaluated, demonstrating efficacy for families of all backgrounds.

With my help as your coach, you will focus on one issue with one child (ideally age 4 to 14). Maybe your child can’t follow instructions and needs to develop cooperation. Or, perhaps your child has a problem with meanness and needs to be kinder. Maybe your child is unorganized, or seems to have a bad attitude. Learning the skills and strategies in this program will help that child make positive changes in just eight weeks. You can work through the program at your own pace, but pick a period when you can devote time to view the videos, read the materials, meet with me, and practice with your child.

The cost of the 8-week program is $149 and includes all materials. For more information, please email coral.slavin@gmail.com or call 262-893-9945.