Find a Midwife : Pam Rhodes, CPM, LM
Pam Rhodes, CPM, LM

Pam Rhodes, CPM, LM

Service Area:
Homebirth in the greater Fond du Lac area


I believe women are created to conceive, carry, labor, deliver, and nurture their children. It is innate for us to do this; with proper guidance, reassurance, and support we can – mostly without intervention. Women deserve honest caregivers who respectfully offer comprehensive care and in some cases, a bit of education. They deserve caregivers who allow women and their families to make decisions that are right for them without using fear to influence those decisions.

I trust birth, and I trust women to birth instinctually with the right support. Each women, each pregnancy, and each birth is unique and special. I feel privileged to attend women and their families during this very intimate time in their lives.

Since 1989 I have attended births as an observer, an assistant, a doula, a student of midwifery, an apprentice to a midwife, and a primary midwife. I received my CPM credential in March of 2008 and my Wisconsin license in April of 2008. I have attended a variety of workshops on suturing skills, my education is ongoing.